“Wrap House” Superb Minimalist Home Design Inspirations

Still remember the post two months ago about Amazing Architecture In White Color Touch? The house has a very unique design and fantastic. To design the house this time, the shape a bit like but there are big differences in its entirety.

Houses that have a unique design is a work of Japanese architects. The Japanese are known to be very creative and full of innovative ideas. Like “Wrap House” following with an amazing design.

Called the “Wrap House” because its shape is typical. Consisting of two floors, and on the second floor terrace there are features cool “wrapped” by a few walls. With a design that is very contemporary and modern with minimalist elements show this house has a distinctive style of homes being owned by the Japanese.

Black and white exterior color was chosen as a theme, while for the interior color is still dominate but there are some other light and natural tones. Not much furniture in this house, but a lot of hidden storage that does not damage the minimalist interior. So that makes this house seem spacious.

Although this house has a typical Japanese style, but it would not hurt if you apply the design “Wrap House” is for your occupancy.

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