Sophisticated and Smart Kitchen Assistant by Elextrolux

A technological sophistication again present to facilitate all your activities. This time a sophisticated tool that will become your true assistant in the kitchen. You will more easily find new recipes and cooking activities you would be more enjoyable. Because with this tool, you will cook with the result that the withdrawal as a restaurant chef.

This sophisticated tool called Sook designed by Adam Brodowski and Sook won the Electrolux Design Lab competition 2008. Sook is not just an interactive recipe book, but this tool can also connect to various social networking services like Facebook.

Previously we’ve seen Unique and Smart Kitchen Design a very innovative and simple, now cook your job will be assisted by your kitchen assistant who is very sophisticated. Sook using a series of sensors to sense what food is nearby or on her cutting board. This tool can also measure the weight and moisture, and equipped an electronic tongue that can select and check the food tastes so all ingredients can be mixed in a better way.

With this tool, you can cook various types of cuisine, enough to provide material to the Sook and allow him to try. So with the help Sook, you can create a variety of cuisine in the house like a restaurant.

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