Facepot: Awesome and Unqiue & Cute Decorative Garden

Plants have many roles in life. In addition as a decorative plant can also absorb toxins. Home if there are no plants that adorn seemed barren. Let’s say you compare a house with a plant with no plants. For homes that have a large yard usually has a garden, but for you who do not have a large yard can still maintain the plants, for example with a plant it in pots. Plants in pots will become more attractive if we are good at maintaining them. Moreover, if a pot is unique, will definitely add to your home beautiful as well.

Like the pot with a new breakthrough following. These creative ideas come from Good Studio that make Facepot. Facepot name alone, so it is definitely in the pot there are pictures of the face. You can put up pictures of your family in these pots.

With graphics techniques and using flowers and plants that face shape is similar to that person, Good Studio facepots creates amazing. So the result will look funny and enjoyable. You can create decorative garden using live or artificial plants.

By using the white base of your face can be printed on paper and then pasted into the pot. The last layer is the pot, transparent protective plastic that will create a design that is safe from external factors.

This is a very creative idea, imagine if your face is in facepot such, would be funny. Put this Facepot in your room and make your guests smile at your decorative garden.

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