Stunning Magnetic Key Hanger Design (White Cloud)

The key is important to us. But because of its small sometimes make us carelessly put it. Especially if you include people careless and forgetful. Sometimes put the key offhand, not in a special place so that sometimes make your own loss to find the key result of your negligence.

What a great idea if you have a special place to put keys, so you can easily find and would look neat. Duncan Shotton create a fresh and creative ideas for a key chain with a unique shape.

Place the key-shaped hanging clouds can you plug in the wall so as to make your walls more beautiful. Equipped with a magnet, so you don’t have to worry about your keys will fall. If many keys are hanging will make a cloud rain water is being released.

Clouds key hanger is made of matte white jesmonite, with size 97 mm and neodymium magnets embedded company can hold an item up to 220g. A package, a simple little but will be very useful for you. One package contains a pack of screws and wall-plug that helps hook cloud into the wall using stainless steel back plate.

An interesting idea if we could bring this cloud to our homes.

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