102 Outstanding Unique Wood House Design

Wood is part of the trunk or branches and twigs of plants that hardens because lignified.Wood is used for various purposes, ranging from cooking, make the furniture (tables,chairs), building materials (doors, windows, roof truss), paper materials, and more.Wood also can be used as household ornaments and so forth.

Wood also can be used to make the house all of which use wood.  In fact the house looks natural and environmentally friendly.

Wooden house no less strong, sturdy and attractive with modern houses. If you’re smart to choose wood, architecture, design and wood furniture for your home, then your wood house will look very nice. Unlike Stone and Wood House, home of wood this time wasmostly using wood as its main ingredient.

Finne Architects Seattle-based design of this wooden house with a very smooth. This wooden house is perfect with stylish cabin design offers a natural wood and stone fireplace anchoring feature the great outdoors. Two-storey wooden house with natural light so as to provide views of the surrounding forest.

The kitchen and living room is a particular hotspot in this house. Houses increasingly look good with very nice wood texture on the walls, ceilings, cabinets and doors. Equipped with industrial-chic fine details, such as mini-desk and support potlights under the counter to make this house look electric.

The bathroom didn’t miss with a touch of beautiful wood, windows and mirrors abound. And you’ll be bathing in the great outdoors because the tub is placed in a corner of glass walls. Interior glass walls to maintain an open-concept feel, but with the benefit of some privacy.

By looking at the pictures on a wooden house, hopefully our assumption that is often considered a natural ingredient that is not good and outdated is wrong, the proof of this wooden house looks even more exotic.

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