Superb Green Grass Roof a Green Houses Design Inspirations

Do you remember the show Teletubbies, a well-liked children? With 4 figures are cute and the colors are attractive. And do you remember the house that is used by 4 characters? Unique house in the middle of a vast garden and the temple was covered with green grass. Grass weeds that covered but did not ornamental grasses that make the house was cool and fresh.

Like the house below, was cool and fresh, with soft green color of green plants that enveloped him. Consists of four levels, and each level there are parks and green plants. This house was built with walls that are very strong and sturdy to protect the privacy of the neighbors. Appliances that are used very good and the lighting was not forgotten to create a center of light and air flow inside.

Section-level patio allows each have visual access to the green. The purpose of each floor there is a garden is to try to allow any roof garden provides a basis for the floor above and allow layered effect to make each floor feels like a place to live first floor and sit comfortably in the park.

Want to try to design homes that are fresh, green house is the answer.

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