I want to Create a simple Wall decor

Maybe you have many ideas to pour creativity in terms of design. One of the simplest examples in making an interior becomes more attractive is to make wall decor. If you want to make wall decor with a simple enough concept, perhaps some of the pictures that are here can be one of inspiration in these ideas.

best design for minimalist wall decor

You can use some items that are not used in your home, such as a wooden board. With a touch of creativity, you can change the wooden planks into a wall decor that is quite unique and has a high artistic value.

how to put wall decor minimalist design

minimalist and simple wall decor

In addition, the presence of wall decor with a view that is quite simple, it can also be used to store a variety of items, such as flower pots, photo frames, books, audio places, and some items that are not too large. How do you interested to try?

simple wall decor design interior