Create A Sensation In Your Dinning Area With Chandelier

The dining room is the room the family gathered after the living room. In this place the family gathered, chatting, and telling each other while enjoying food on the table, so the more personal character. In addition, the living room for entertaining guests can also be both formal or casual. Therefore do not let one plan dining room, both in terms of space, decoration, lighting, furnishings and comfort.

chandelier-white color and casual
chandelier-white color and casual

Especially for the lighting will be discussed more so that you are not wrong in your selection. A lamp should reflect your personal style and your home. For casual dining room chandelier lamp

This is what Furniture required in Dining Area:

  1. Dining table
    Because the dinner table was the center of attention in the dining room, the selection of dining table should be adjusted to the number of seats and needs. Do this for your dining room also serves as a desk, a desk study of children, or place to do your hobby and your partner? Then adjust the height dining table and dining chair seat height. Choose the most comfortable and balanced combination. When sitting, table height is above the belly and still below the chest. Shape of the table has a variety of different properties in creating the dining room.
  2. Dining Chair
    Choose an amount at least equal to the number of family members. Thus, all family members can gather together in one meal. And adjust the table as well.
  3. Dining Storage cabinets
    Storage cabinets don’t have to exist, but the storage cupboard in the dining room will help ease the storage and arrangement of the dining room.
  4. Dining Lighting
    The dining room should be bright, either from natural sources as well as special lighting. Place the dining room near the window and add a chandelier over the table to illuminate the food presented.
  5. Good Ventilation
    Ventilation is very important for any room including the dining room. Eating in the stuffy air and flowing very unpleasant.

shades to consider with a cloth. Unlike the typical lamp shades, fixtures hanging dining room can be combined with fabric and down light. This cast a soft light in the room and also provide directional lighting. Remember also to put the use of chandeliers, plenty of options currently offered. They no longer have to made of crystal and beads. Non-traditional chandelier can range from vintage glass bottles. You also can create your own from the light kit or your imagination.

chandelier_vintage glass bottles
chandelier_vintage glass bottles

Chandeliers are a major attraction of the dining room will never run out model. Therefore, make your dining room Chandelier in full force and different. Lights can be the center of discussion at the table or they can be quiet and blend in beautifully with the environment. Many times we meet a modern restaurant with an antique furniture or a lamp with striking colors in a room dominated. Often times an antique fixture in the modern dining room, or a red light in a room dominated by whites will give you added power visual appeal.


In the selection of Chandeliers make sure your selection is correct, in terms of beauty, and security as well. A beautiful chandelier in interior design today. You have the option to maintain the traditional view of the past or start a new trend. You can request the assistance of local craftsmen in your area to make a creative chandelier that makes your dining room a unique and special.


Make sure you use the correct electrical cable and equipment that is not flammable. Most important in considering lighting for your dining room is the lighting that is required, the dimensions of space, the surrounding decor when choosing the best lighting for your tastes, and budget.

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