Things To Keep In Mind While Redesigning Your Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom floor tiles have to be chosen responsibly. One wrong move and you may get stuck with a bathroom decor you don’t like or one that may not be functional in the long run.
There are certain factors you just can’t afford to ignore when choosing bathroom tiles. For example, they should be waterproof, durable, should not be slippery and, of course, should come in colours other than black, white and beige. The range at Orientbell Tiles can take some load off your mind as they have a wide variety fitting each criteria perfectly.
Apart from the utilities, you may also want to keep the design quality in mind. Since bathrooms are made to last, the decor should look appealing over time. Here are some design ideas that will make your bathroom evergreen.

Things To Keep In Mind While Redesigning Your Bathroom Tiles
Things To Keep In Mind While Redesigning Your Bathroom Tiles

Maintain Consistency Of Pattern

By maintaining consistency in pattern, we mean that the floor and wall tiles must match each other. Although it’s not mandatory, it can bring about uniformity. You can also combine the colours by mixing solid tones with similar patterns. In a way, the pattern should create a vibrant look and enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom.

Find Fantastic And Colorful Flooring

Don’t know which colour to choose for your revamped bathroom? Go for a neutral colour palette and a cool tone. Since most bathrooms are smaller in size, as compared to the rest of the rooms of the house, it is always better to go with tones that make the space look brighter. In that case, you can choose to go with minimalist and classy shades of white, eggshell, beige, light grey, and of course, sandy brown.

Mix Patterned Tiles With Plain Tiles

Just because it is a bathroom doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have some experimentation. You can go all out on this aspect. Add variation, colour, depth, and character to the area by going for 3D tiles. With Orientbell Tiles’ 3D tiles, you can make the space look more distinctive and exciting at the same time. Be it floor tiles or wall tiles, you have a variety of options to choose from. These tiles create new focal points within the house using distinctive tile pieces and applications making the design more diverse and interesting.

Should Bathroom Floor Tiles Be Darker Than Wall Tiles?

Although there is nothing wrong with going for darker hues for the bathroom, it is always best to install lighter toned tiles in the bathroom. Lighter hues make the space look bigger and brighter. Plus, it reflects ample natural light making it easier to maintain the space and prevent algae infestation due to moisture. You may go dark on the walls but ensure it does not become a breeding ground for moss.

Should I Use The Same Tile On My Bathroom Floor And Walls?

Not necessarily. It really depends on the aesthetic and vision for your bathroom. They need not match but there’s also no harm if you choose to match them. The bigger picture should be to create a more cohesive look. You can combine monochromatic colours, coordinate patterns and pair complementary solid colours for a pleasing result.

What Colors Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

The best part about playing with colours is that you can create an illusion if you select the right shade and hue. It is a common belief that lighter shades make smaller rooms bigger. The light reflection is a major contributing factor for the same. Narrow or smaller bathrooms will look great in lighter shades of grey, green, blue, beige, sand, brown and so on. On the other hand, stay away from orange, black and yellow hues as they can close in the walls visually. You can also paint the walls behind the cabinets white to create visual space.


There is no hard and fast rule as to how you should design your bathroom as long as you have the basics right. Focus on the durability, and the colour scheme of the wall and floor tiles. You can lighten it up to brighten the space and make it cheerful rather than opting for darker shades and making it too gloomy. You can also match the tiles by combining monochromatic colours and patterns.

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