Facts You Didn’t Know About Locks & Keys

Some Key Facts About Locks & Keys

There is no such home where there is no lock on the door or a locking system to protect the place. Whether it is the door to your residence or a trunk to keep your goods, locks and keys are essential in each case! Modern development has not eliminated the importance of lock and key by any means. Instead, the necessity has now increased more than ever! Here are some fun and interesting information that you did not know about lock and keys.

Unlocking the discovery of locks

To date, the oldest discovered lock and key ages to almost 4000years! The lock and key, recovered by the archeologists, belonged to the Egyptians. Seems like, they were the first one in the history feel the importance of protecting their treasures! Archeologists have discovered the ancient locking pieces with the remains of Egyptian caves and tombs.

Locks And Keys
Locks And Keys

A Guinness record fact!

Do you know that there is a Guinness book record about the largest padlock! Not your regular padlock; this one got made in a Russian Art College. The record was set in the year 2003 and is certainly a fact worth knowing. The largest padlock weighs around 415 kilograms; imagine the horror of carrying it! The height of the lock is about 144.3 cm with dimensions 56.8 in × 41.3 in × 10.2 in. The giant security Pad foot was made by the combined efforts of students and teachers of Pavlovo Arts College.

Who was the inventor?

You must have noticed a locksmith Duluth working on a pin-tumbler lock, right? But has this question ever popped to you that who invented the amazing mechanism in the first place? Commonly employed as the cylinder locks, Linus Yale Jr. invented these pin-based locks. He later founded Yale Lock. This locking mechanism involves different pins of varied sizes to stop the lock from opening without the appropriate key.

A touch of illusion!

This one is a fun fact. Do you know the name of the famous illusionist who started his career as a locksmith? Well, truly hard to guess unless you know the fact. It was the great Houdini! Before making big as a world-famous illusionist, Houdini worked at a locksmith shop at the age of eleven. In fact, he had discovered many lock tricks from his practical experiences of working there. So, the next time you see someone from the locksmith Roswell agency, take a note; who knows, he can be the next big illusionist!

A historical fact

From a fun fact to a straight historic fact! Do you know that during the era of the Vikings, keys were a prominent status symbol! For Viking women, keys held a lot of significance. Women at that time were responsible for safeguarding the keys of the family. It was a responsibility that attached a lot of pride, and thus, they sewed keys in their dresses to mark their significant status.

Door Lock Ideas
Door Lock Ideas

Journey of a combination lock

Combination locks are highly relevant nowadays, but do you know when the first combination lock was made? It was the Americans who discovered the concept of a combination lock. In 1857, a man called James Sargent invented it, and since then, the various features of combination locking have evolved. In fact, it is still evolving with newer technological additions and physical specifications.

Evolving career of a locksmith

Are you still a believer that locksmiths only replace and make keys? Well, time to change your thoughts! With ever-developing techniques of lock and keys, the Top Atlanta Locksmith, LLC and all other major locksmiths are now achieving something more! Even during the older times, they were the ultimate customizing agent when it came to developing a security system. With their skills and ideas of making newer lock guards, the concept of safeguarding has evolved over these years. In the current times, expert locksmiths simultaneously take care of conventional locking resources and electronic locks with ease!

Recent evolution of lock and keys

Keys which were once a rich symbol of pride and responsibility, have changed in the current times. In fact, with many locks, you do not even require a key to unlock! The mechanisms and locking systems are changing and evolving at par with modern science. But the concept stays the same. The ultimate aim is to safeguard your home, treasure, or anything of rich value. With locks and keys, the careers of locksmiths and their services have also taken a leap.

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