Repair your electrical panel instantly with a Houston electrician

The powerhouse of your electrical system is the electrical control room, also known as the breaker box. It has circuit breakers, the system’s primary protection devices that protect each circuit from overloads and other hazards. As a result, it can be damaged by various issues, including improper installation, inclement weather, sun damage and obsolescence. A qualified electrician should diagnose and repair any problems with the service panel. If you are looking for an electrician near me and Electrician Houston, continue reading this article.

The following are some of the most common signs that your electrical panel needs repair:

  • Old panel
    If your electrical box is more than 15 years old, you may want to consider replacing it. This is due to several factors. First, today’s homes have higher electricity demands than in years past. Most homes have more television sets, kitchen appliances and other electrical appliances. As a result, your home’s electrical system may not be equipped to meet your needs. But don’t worry, electrician Houston or Electrician near me, will repair it without any problem.

    Repair Your Electrical Panel Instantly With A Houston Electrician
    Repair Your Electrical Panel Instantly With A Houston Electrician
  • Fuse box
    Homes were built decades ago with fuse box systems. In this electrical box, the fuses burn out if they get too hot. Then the fuse should be replaced. If a circuit breaker can’t handle the amount of electricity flowing through it, it will shut down, and you can usually turn it back on. If you are looking for an Electrician near me, it’s a good choice. You will get services at affordable prices.
  • Flickering lights
    If the lights in your home start blinking, this is a sign that your current electrical panel is not working. The lights are not getting enough power. You may also notice that many of your devices cannot function at total capacity.

    Flickering Lights
    Flickering Lights
  • The panel has burnt marks
    If the panel is hot, smells like it’s been burned, or has burn marks on it, it’s a sign that it’s a weak panel that can’t handle the current. This can result in server problems, such as a house fire or other household problems. If you are looking for an electrician near me and Electrician Houston, you should call an emergency service. If this is the case with you, contact your trusted Electrician immediately.
  • Panel trips
    Another sign that your current breaker box is not equipped to meet your power needs is if you often have to reset the circuit breaker. As a result, your equipment may suffer significant damage or even stop working.
  • Home addition
    As you add electricity to your home, your electricity needs will increase. Another good time to check your circuit breaker is now. It would be best to determine whether you need a new electrical panel, a subpanel, or both.

Electric panel repair

There will be several indicators that your circuit breaker needs to be replaced most of the time. If your circuit breaker is old, for example, it’s more likely that you’re experiencing flickering lights or a burnt smell.

Likewise, if you’re using more power strips, you’ve probably noticed that you have to reset the breaker more often. If you think you may need a new electrical panel, you can get it at electrician Houston, and you should know that this is not a do it yourself project. Or you can call an electrician by searching Electrician near me. For all your residential electricity needs, call Mr. Electric of Katy today.

Having your electrical panel inspected by Mr. Electric of Katy workers, whatever its age, will give you peace of mind about the safety of your system and your home. Electrical panel repair is a dangerous job that a qualified electrician should only do.


If you live in Houston and are looking for an Electrician, you can contact Mr. Electric of Katy for the best electrical services and repair.

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