Simple Bench For Minimalist Garden

Parks existence in a home is needed. And to create a park or garden does not have to spend a lot of land. At least there are no play facilities for children – kids or relaxing with family.

Bench Design, Garden, Park
Bench Garden for minimalist Garder

In addition to the placement of flowers and vacant land with green grass, one thing to keep in mind is the presence of a seat or bench. Because in between playing chase with children there are times when we need a place to sit and relax, therefore we need to think a comfortable seat for it.

One option is a bench made of wood. I guess for a minimalist garden is suitable to put a wooden bench equipped with a table made of wood as well. And for the size, I think, you know that accordance with an area of the park that is in your home.

So lets design your park or minimalist garden nicely.