Unique Natural Stone For Floor Bathroom

The bathroom is one important part of our house. We spent at least 3 times a day in the bathroom, or even more. Therefore we need to think about the design of a unique, beautiful, and charming that would make us feel at home and can relax in it.

Bathroom, Floor Design, Natural Stone
Bathroom Floor Design

Besides, the size of the bathroom would not covering the family room or even just part of our bedroom. So the design, arrangement, color and ornamentation we place and use must fit and be impressed or even luxurious. Luxury does not mean to be expensive.

Besides the design or material of walls, floors also need to consider, do not use materials that are slippery to avoid a fall and do not be too rough that make our feet hurt.

A material that we can use as an example to the floor bathroom is a natural stone that is slippery but small. This stone can be obtained from the riverbed if we want a little creative, or we can buy it at the store – store building.

Natural stone or rock of our river system in such a way, you can also form into the shape of animals, flowers, or certain patterns that we like.