Woww, bubble Chair is very funny. I love it!

Bubble chair as one of the furniture that is unique, it seems now to be one of the choices of furniture to complement your home interior. Round shape with a transparent material made ​​of fiber, this chair can be one of the furniture for relaxing at home.

artistic bubble chair

You can put a bubble chair in any place that you think fit and convenient, so you can rest relaxed and comfortable. Of course you have to set up a separate room for the furniture, such as a family room, living room, or the garden behind the house.

bubble chair model


modern bubble chair design

As a complement to bubble chair, you have to prepare to rope strong enough to not easily broken. But usually if you buy a bubble chair, straps are available in one package with the chair. And the important thing is the rope being used is strong enough to support loads up to 100 kg.

modern design for bubble chair

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