How to Bring the Baroque Concept to the Master Bedroom

Baroque Concept is one of the classic themes that you can try.  This design will not only display a charming bedroom but also look dramatic. Baroque itself is a term used for a period of art and the dominant art styles, namely Architecture, Design and Baroque Style. This style was pioneered by Michael Angelo and Palladio at the end of the 16th century in Rome, Italy which then spread to most of Europe.


Its architecture is synonymous with exaggerated, dramatic, and out-of-order designs with buildings that display grandeur and power. Baroque architecture can be said to be a continuation of Renaissance architecture. The architectural styles of the two have something in common, such as the use of domes and pillars.

Baroque style emerged as a result of the development of the Protestant movement at that time. Where the Catholic church wants to create a church architecture that can be a medium for carrying messages to be conveyed in a more dramatic way. Therefore, art created in this era must be related to religious and emotional themes.

The Baroque style is divided into several classifications, including the Baroque style of the Louis XIV period and the Queen Anne period, the Baroque style of furniture that developed in Italy, in France, in the Netherlands and Flemish, in Germany and Iberian, as well as America.

Although initially this design style was only applied to religious buildings, now this style has been widely used for the theme of a room. You can even try to apply it at your home. Well, if you don’t know how, here we provide an easy way to bring the Baroque Concept into the bedroom.

How to Bring the Baroque Concept to the Master Bedroom

The Baroque style reflects the admiration and familiarity for Classical art, especially the greatness and monumentality of Roman architecture at that time. For that, the design can not be separated from all that. The design style is also more dynamic. You can try to make the corners of your bedroom with curved shapes and pillars that seem to support the bedroom. Don’t forget to fill the ceiling with frescoes or what is called wall painting.

For the color itself, you can use a contrasting color to make the dramatic look more visible. Furniture that you want to use should not be arbitrary. Expensive and exotic materials are common in Baroque. Usually the furniture is filled with carvings.

The motifs used in the Baroque design style also usually come from nature and ancient times that dominate the decorative, such as Acanthus.  Although most widely used for all forms of foliate ornamentation, the lobed and serrated leaves of Acanthus never seem to cease to attract attention. Lastly, don’t forget to use brighter lighting. In addition to a dramatic impression, the appearance of a bedroom like this looks warmer and more elegant.

Well, those are some easy ways you can do to apply the Baroque Concept to your bedroom. Hope it inspires.

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