7 Incredible Color That Will Blend Perfectly With Purple for Interior Design in 2021

Purple is one of the unusual (rare) colors in nature because it is the result of mixing red and blue which makes it a bridge color between warm and cold colors.

Purple Interior Designs
Purple Interior Designs

Actually, the color purple itself consists of 2 broad categories, namely purple (purple / purple red) and indigo (violet / purple blue). This bold color can be said as an elegant, classy, ​​and exotic color. To that end, the color purple depicts a strong, unique, and elegant character by representing a calm and gentle attitude.

This color will actually look very elegant if it stands alone, but will be more perfect when combined with other colors. Well, here we give an idea about the combination of purple with other colors that you can apply to the interior of your home. Let’s look at the following reviews.

1. Purple and Gray

Purple combined with a neutral color like gray will not produce an error. These two color looks will produce a classy and elegant look together without any boring effect.

2. Purple and Blue

Not only a neutral color, purple will also be a dream color when paired with bright natural colors like blue. This color combination will indeed remind us of cotton candy when we were little. But who would have thought that the combination of these two colors also managed to create a firm total look.

3. Purple and Green

In addition to blue, green is also one of the natural colors that displays a green atmosphere in the outdoor. This color will look very contrasting and blend in perfect harmony when combined with purple because it will give a classy feel. But the green color in question is turquoise or mint green.

4. Purple and Pink

Well, the following combination is perfect for a modern minimalist home because it will look elegant and feminine. You can use these two colors to paint walls or furniture and home decor.

5. Dark Purple and Lilac (Light Purple)

Lilac is a purple color derivative that has a lighter, younger and softer hue. You can use this two-color gradation to paint the walls and exterior walls of the house because it will make it look luxurious but still sweet.

6. Light Purple and Cream

Apart from lilac, beige or ivory is one of the pastel colors derived from white and yellow which has a softer hue. For that it will be very suitable if combined with purple because it will make the atmosphere of the room more elegant and calm.

7. Purple and Brown

Brown is a classic color that will make a room look elegant. But when combined with purple, the room will look warmer and more luxurious. Well, those are some beautiful colors to combine with purple which is also beautiful. Hope it inspires.

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