Get to Know the 8 Prominent Characteristics of the Neoclassical Architecture of the Middle Ages

Neoclassical Architecture is one of the classical architectural styles produced by the neoclassical movement which began in the mid 18th century, which more precisely emerged in England and France around the 1750s during the Age of Enlightenment, along with the revival of interest in Greek and Roman philosophy and literature. classic.

This concept is also rooted in Greco-Roman which also incorporates many columns, ornaments, flower stalks, ornaments, and furniture of the highest quality into the interior decoration. Although it looks very rich and detailed, the Neoclassical design is actually more of a refinement of the classic design style of the previous era. Well, so you don’t get confused, it’s better to know more about the characteristics and characteristics of Neoclassical Architecture, here are the ideas.

Get to Know the 8 Prominent Characteristics of the Neoclassical architecture of the Middle Ages

1. Adopting from another Architectural Style

Not only emerged and rooted in Greek and Roman architecture, but Neoclassical Architecture was also a reaction to the Rococo and Baroque architectural styles. This style also adopts styles from ancient classical architecture, Vitruvian principles, and the work of Italian architects such as Andrea Palladio.

2. Light Color Accents

The first thing that is important in Neoclassical design is the use of color accents. Where usually use a combination of light or soft colors that tend to be light such as beige, gray, pale blue, and avoid dark colors. This is not without reason, because light colors are considered to help dilute the monochrome interior that is usually used in classic styles and make it look more lively and exciting. Not only that, light colors that tend to be lighter can give and display the feel of a space that looks wider and airy.

3. Distinctive Traits of Neoclassical Design

Neoclassical designs are geometric and tend to be simple. Usually, the building looks like free-standing columns, has clean lines, elegant, and neat appearance.

4. Using Natural Materials

Usually, floor coatings use marble or natural stone. However, it is not uncommon for people to use Persian carpets.

5. Iconic Wall Decoration

On the walls are usually placed several works of art in the form of paintings or large mirrors that stretch from the ceiling to the floor.

6. Furniture from the Best Materials

Dark wood materials are also often used in this concept. You can also see artificial materials in neo-classical interiors. The furniture used is also full of curves, sculptures, and perfect finishing, looks very elegant. Not only that, the fabrics used for decoration also usually use luxurious materials such as silk, brocade, cotton, and wool. The point is that all materials must be of high quality.

7. Accessories with a Luxurious Look

The luxurious appearance of this architecture is also obtained from several decorations such as jars, porcelain, pottery, and statues. For wall decoration, use artwork in the form of paintings or large mirrors with gold frames.

8. Lighting Matters

Lastly, there is of course a need to consider some light levels as they will play a major role in the neoclassical design. Some of the lightings are obtained from ceiling chandeliers, candles, or something sparkling in the form of crystals.

Those are some Neoclassical Architecture. Hope it inspires.

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