Bedroom Design Ideas To Make Your Daughter Happy

Designing bedrooms for children is not that easy. As a parent, you should really think about starting from the design, the color of the paint, to accessories to be used. Try the selection of these elements which are discussed with your child so that you can apply it is her favorite. It is intended that the child feels comfortable in her own room. Here are some designs that can be applied to your daughter’s room:

Use Color Bright

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Designs for girls room would be different with the boys room. Girls usually synonymous with bright colors, such as pink, purple, yellow, and so forth. You can apply these colors to paint the walls of your daughter’s room. Not only that, you also can combine these colors with furniture or other room accessories which are certainly suitable for girls.

Use Wallpaper

You could also use a wallpaper on her wall. The use of wallpaper in the room will make her room more attractive. The wallpaper which is suitable for a child’s room that has feminine and cute sense.

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The use of wallpaper did not always match with bright colors. Selection of the fixed feminine wallpaper will also be good if combined with a touch of calm colors in your daughter’s room.

Floral Atmosphere

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Girls also usually love with flowers. If your daughter likes flowers, you could design a room with floral nuances. You can apply it on the mattress, walls, cabinets, or the roof of her room.

Favorites Cartoon Character

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Each child would have a favorite cartoon character. You also can design according to the child’s room of her favorite cartoon character. Daughters favorite cartoon character is different from boys. Boys usually like a cartoon of superhero, while girls usually love the cartoon characters that is funny.

Royal Princess Theme Design

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Moreover, most girls like the figures of the royal princess in a fairy tale. Girls always imagined she could become one of royal princess characters. Your daughter would be very pleased if you could design a room in accordance with the feel of royal.