5 Kitchen Design Inspirations from Hollywood Artist

Some people among us certainly never think that if Hollywood celebrities pay attention to their kitchen. In fact, they chose a unique kitchen design and also complete with a variety of furniture in it. They also always arrange the kitchen neatly so that the kitchen look so beautiful.

Jennifer Lopez

5 Kitchen Design Inspirations from Hollywood Artist-1
Jennifer Lopez or familiarly called J-Lo is very liked the white color so that her kitchen was designed in accordance with his favorite color. Kitchen made worth more than US$ 17 million is equipped with a minibar and a large terrace. With these designs, J-Lo can eat with enjoying the atmosphere of calm and natural at once.

Jay-Z and Beyonce

5 Kitchen Design Inspirations from Hollywood Artist-2
Nuances of kitchen owned by Jay-Z and Beyonce almost the same as J-Lo’s kitchen which is choosen the white color. To make the kitchen seem luxurious, Jay-Z and Beyonce using white marble. Not only that, what makes their kitchen looks awesome is the view of the ocean in Los Angeles can be seen from all sides of the kitchen that are made of glass.

Robert Pattinson

5 Kitchen Design Inspirations from Hollywood Artist-3
Robert Pattinson’s kitchen can be one of the inspirations for those who like to cook outdoors. It incorporates the kitchen between the dining table made of wood with furniture made of stainless steel. Not only that, in the kitchen has also a special wine refrigerator.

Sarah Jessica Parker

5 Kitchen Design Inspirations from Hollywood Artist-4
Town house style that is often mistaken for the very practical and simple did not occur in the home star of ‘Sex and The City’. Matthew Broderick’s wife in the kitchen there are seven fireplaces, including one fireplace inside his luxury kitchen.

John Mayer

5 Kitchen Design Inspirations from Hollywood Artist-5
Kitchen design that belongs to singer ‘John Mayer’ is inversely proportional to the image of the famous personality sloppy and messy hair styles. The kitchen is well laid out so that the impression was very neat. With a minimalist concept, this country singer’s kitchen, impressed quiet and minimal furnishings.