5 Decoration Hacks To Make Your Own Multifunction Wall

Has a multifunctional interior is a right step for those who have a minimalist home. To make it more unique, you can create an interior to become invisible. Thus, you can save a room in a unique way. How to? Here are some unique interior multifunctional wall design ideas that you can apply:

Bed Wall

A bed can be made invisible by folding into the wall. How to?

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You only need to use a strong buffer timber at the bottom of the mattress or string buffer at the sides. As is known, the mattress is one of very large objects in a room. By folding mattress against the wall, it will make your room into a very broad visible. For the size of the mattress, it must be adapted to the size of your bedroom space.

Wardrobe Wall

The walls of this type may be found in some apartments. It was applied because it has proven to save space. This is usually made of glass or wood with a view that is certainly elegant.

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How to use that wall just to stay in the slide to the right or left and you will find clothes storage area behind the wall. In addition to being invisible, your wardrobe in the bedroom will be the one of secure place to store important items.

Kitchen Tools Wall

Similarly, the wall cabinets, wall design is also used in some of the apartments to save space. But don’t rule out the possibility that such a wall design is applied in your home. For the design of the wall like this, not much different from the wardrobe wall.

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You can use it by shifting the walls are made of wood. Then you will find a wide range of kitchen furniture and even the kitchen sink behind the wall. By applying these designs, the furniture in your kitchen will look much neater and of course the room becomes more wider.

Table Wall

To save space, you can create a table that is camouflaged in a manner folded on the wall.

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The trick is to camouflage the table with frescoes. Anyone who saw it wouldn’t think that the painting on the walls of your room is actually a table. In this way, that table will not be seen attached to a wall.

Surely this way can only be done to a table that small or medium because it allows for a very large table.

Accessories Wall

Do you have a lot of accessories to decorate the room? Perhaps you can apply the design ideas with this one.

5 Decoration Hacks To Make Your Own Multifunction Wall 5

You can make small boxes on the walls whic are made of wood without carving or small boxes that can be used as a painting. In the small boxes that can later be opened and closed one by one to be used as a buffer from the accessories in your home.