Vintage Shades for The Dining Room Ideas

You are planning to redesign the dining room? You love the feel of a classic? Perhaps the vintage is the answer. Vintage is a design that is based on the design that developed in the year 1920 to 1950. To show the impression of a very classic vintage, you can use bricks. What is needed to make the vintage design in the dining room? Here are the tips.

Determine Colors

A color is very important in designing a room. Then which colors that are suitable for vintage design for dining room?

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The use of white color is one of the answers. By using white color, the use of brick on the wall in your dining room will be more apparent. Your dining room will look clean and classic. Not only white color, you could also use other colors that would fit with the use of exposed brick.

Use Lights

Not only the color, a lamp can also support the design of a room. Suitable lights that choosen must be considered from the shape to its placement.

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The shape of the lamp should be a classic shape, not your ordinary light in the other room. To create the impression of a deep vintage, you can choose the color of the lights dimmed such as orange or green color.

You also can keep the lights on the top or on the side wall. It would be nice if the lights are used more than one. In other words, you could use a few small lights for the dining room.

Selection of Furniture

Choose a classic furniture and of course it will fit in with the bricks. For this case, you need to consider the selection of a dining table and chairs.

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Vintage design will be more viscous when you select a right table and chairs. Imagine if you want a vintage design but tables and chairs used is that modern theme.

Selection of accessories

After determining the proper furniture, you should choose the accessories which are also appropriate for vintage design in your dining room.

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For example, you can add a classic flower vase on a dining table. Perhaps it could also use the accessories other additives that may give the impression of vintage. One of the other accessories that can be used is bottled drinks that are prepared in such a way.

Use Painting

A painting or drawing can give an impression of a classic. But of course it also depends on the choice of colors, patterns and images of the painting. So, it will give more real vintage impression, you can use the painting with neutral colors and classic pictures.

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You can also save more than one painting in a dining room. This way can be tailored to the size of the dining room in your house.