Wood as an Alternative

Although the current use of wood is used as one part of a building has been somewhat limited, but the architecture still use wood as the major part of a house. Various shapes and design house that was built, there are some architects that the dominant use of wood in almost all the house. This can be seen from the picture house design, as shown below. Here we can see in more detail some of the room and interior design is also shown. Start from the outside wall, floor, stairs, cupboards, furniture, and some deliberately displayed. If we know the use of wood for an interior design and architecture also have the value of home building in general. For example, in terms of value and aesthetic value of art is also visible here. Back to nature seems very clearly visible here. The use of wood is often the dominant alternative is taken by some of the buildings that are more specific feature of a unique building.








However, note that we are not up to the excessive use of wood, because as we know that at this time one of the causes of the occurrence of global warming is caused by the existence of the wood in the forest is excessive, so this is a proper attention to those that have the desire to build a design using wood as main material.

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