Exclusive Room, You Rest Here.

Usually some hotel in the urban area, many more choices and type of room that you can order. Start from the simplest class, to class the most expensive, such as the VIP room, VVIP room, and the like. And especially for this class, usually the hotel to provide super-luxurious and exclusive for each room and ordered room. For instance there is a meeting room that can accommodate up to one hundred people; there are also exclusive breakfast and dinner, and also other facilities that aim to equip the facility. Besides that, usually the bedroom, they also offer very exclusive and luxurious. This is adjusted to the rates that have been given and also the type of class that their order. Indeed, often a special order for this type of room can not be directly on the same day, you usually have to book a few days earlier. This is because this type of class is usually a lot of the book, especially for the corporate executive.





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