What to do if you are locked out of the door?

What happens when after a long hectic day rather than coming home and chilling with some series and good food, you start worrying about keys? What if you check your purse and realize that you left your keys somewhere in the office or dropped them somewhere? The answer is, it leads to frustration and utter disappointment, and no one would ever want this to happen. Even so, if a situation like this arises, you must prepare yourself.

It can happen with anyone and mostly in cities where people are busy with their work and usually forget to carry keys or drop them somewhere. Getting locked out of your own house is spine-chilling. It is most scary at night when you don’t know what to do. How does it look when you keep sneaking around your entryway looking hesitant and doubtful? It looks weird, as the passing strangers can even portray you as a thief trying to sneak in. They can confront you for that, and in that case, you get stuck in an awkward situation.

You should be ready for this stomach-dropping moment, and here are a few tips on what to do in such a situation.

Ask for help

The first option that can help you at this moment is calling your friends and neighbors. You can call your partner or roommate if you have one. They can help you out in this situation if they are in town and available. Secondly, if you live in a rented apartment, you can get help by calling your landlord. They can provide you with duplicate keys or any other alternative solution.

Check your unlocked windows

Well, keeping windows open before leaving the house is not a good practice. It means you are letting burglars sneak into your house. However, in a case like this of getting locked, unlocked windows or back doors can help. No one forgets to leave the windows unlocked. Even so, if it happens, it will be an advantage that day. You can effortlessly sneak in rather than standing outside of your door entry. You can even try opening the back door or the windows, but be very cautious while doing this because the strangers passing by may think you are breaking into someone’s house. They can call the police too.

Ask for doorknob tools

You can take help from your neighbors, you can ask for tools for setting the knob apart. You can use the doorknob tools to disassemble it to enter your home. Be cautious while using these tools, as they may harm you. You can start dissembling using a hammer, paper clips, and don’t forget to assemble the things again. Even in this case, you need to call your neighbors, and what if it’s midnight and they are sleeping.

Contact a locksmith

When you are not left with any option rather than breaking the door lock, call the nearby locksmith. If you live in a city like Georgia or Atlanta, you may be aware of a lot of professional locksmiths that can help you out in this situation. You can contact the most trusted locksmith in Lawrenceville, GA in any emergency. Such professionals come to your rescue within no time. For them, no matter if it is midnight or early morning, they believe in customer service.


If you are in Georgia or any other city, you can always rely on the services of your nearby professional locksmith. Quick pro is a trusted and reliable locksmith in Sandy Springs, providing 24×7 assistance to customers. So, whenever you are stuck in the above situation, give them a call, and they will come to your rescue.

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