Is Moving To Dallas Right For You?

Dallas is a fine city; it’s one of the most up-and-coming metropolitan areas in the country for several reasons, not least of which is economical and political realities that act as goads to coastal populations. Texas isn’t perfect, nowhere is. However, many cost and culture issues that are proving irritants to coastal populations are absent due to Texan culture.
This has made many cities in Texas a landing point for those leaving areas of the country that have fundamentally changed for various reasons in recent years. This writing isn’t about that.

This writing is about the city itself and things you’ll want to consider if you think you will join the migration. Following are a few details of Dallas to think about.

#1. The Weather: It’s Not Just Hot, It’s HOT

Texas heat combines the dry and the wet. In Phoenix, Arizona, or Las Vegas, Nevada, you get a “dry” heat. So though it’s a hundred degrees in Vegas, it only feels likely eighty-five. In Texas, the humidity makes eighty-five degrees feel like a hundred, and it commonly gets well over a hundred degrees in places like Dallas. In 1980, things got as high as 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

#2. Football: Do You Love It? Good

If you don’t love football, good luck having a social life in Texas. They love football in Texas. But they don’t just love it; they love it. And guess where the biggest team in the state is? Dallas. The Dallas Cowboys may not always win in the big games, but Texans love them dearly, and nothing will change that soon.

Dallas Football Stadium
Dallas Football Stadium

Beyond the Cowboys, high school football is a big deal in Texas. We’re talking packed stands, concession sellers making a comfortable living, football teams being the engine for funding at many schools, and football parents becoming as caught up in the hoopla as the kids. Texas goes crazy over football, and if you’re not prepared for that, it can be a shock.

Now certainly, not everyone in The Lone Star State is a football fanatic, but you’re going to find many of the movers and shakers in local culture are. Many community events will be presided over by leadership with notable ties to varying teams, be they local or of the NFL variety. So if you plan on climbing the ladder locally, football affiliation is key.

#3. Are You A Fan Of Barbecue Or Not?


Like football, barbecue is a way of life in Texas. Also, some of the best BBQ joints in the world can be found in and around Dallas. If you already like this “heartland” type of food, then Texas will be a good fit for you. If you have never tried it, Dallas is a great place to have your first experience. If you are not a fan of BBQ, maybe keep that to yourself in Texas.
It would be the equivalent of saying you can’t stand tortilla chips, salsa, or food truck tacos in L.A. You’ve got to love those things in SoCal, and Texas similarly is a place where such food styles are downright ubiquitous. Have you ever heard of Tex-Mex? Note the “Tex” in the term. While not precisely BBQ, there’s some crossover—read more here.

#4. Tactics In The Actual Moving Process: Logistics To Consider

Next, you’ll want to consider the logistics involved in actually moving. For one thing, Texas gets traffic. When you’re dealing with heat, that can compound the discomfort of that traffic. For another, some living situations are in very high apartments off the ground, and it can be worthwhile to work with traditional movers.

The experts at UMoveFree are strongly suggesting working with professionals for this and other reasons, among them associated insurance, which defines the pros. If you’re moving things yourself, with friends, or with folks you’ve hired in a non-professional capacity, covering the cost is squarely on you when they break something (and they will).

You won’t have to deal with discount movers that can provide free services in certain situations. Such movers are already insured. Also, some of the best movers in the country reside in Texas. So keep that in mind as you finalize any moves to or around Dallas.

Determining If You Should Move To Dallas

Dallas isn’t just Texas; it’s like the beating heart of the state. Dallas and Houston are the “big boys”, as it were, with Austin playing duty as the third player in the trio. When people think of Texas, they think of Dallas. And it’s, economically speaking, a great place to live. You just want to be sure you like BBQ, hot weather, and football. Also, plan your move carefully.

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