Wall decor for the Best interior concept

Installing wall decor is an important part in building an interior design to make it more interesting. With a variety of unique ornaments and abstract form, an interior designer is required to produce a work of great interior.

design for wall decor

The concept is used in a design wall decor is quite simple, just choose which form of decoration that will be affixed to the walls, both interior and exterior. Average wall decor ornate sort of just a patch made ​​of cloth or wood.

minimalis wall decoration


modern design for wall decor

Patterns that exist in the wall decor is usually quite diverse, but mostly in the form of carvings and abstract paintings that have high artistic value. The placement of a wall decor is also very varied, ranging from the personal room, living room, family room, kitchen, and some rooms were deemed necessary to be wall decor.

unique shape of wall decor

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