15 Adorable DIY Cute And Funky Self-Watering Planter Pots Inspirations

Very funny when he saw Facepot: A Cute Decorative Garden. And now there is a new innovation again that is Cute And Funky Self-Watering Pots. So you can keep the plants with a log and Squirrel by Qualy Design. This is a self-water pot with squirrel design in the log. Squirrel and flower pots and Squirrel Login closely linked because of the small rodents appear as a water meter.

Pot is very funny, because if the water level rose in the Log and Squirrel, squirrels will come out of the cave. A reservoir of water in, so you can water the flowers every few days. This squirrel will alert you if the plants need water.

The flower pot of water and Squirrel Log yourself from Qualy also available in several different color combinations on demand. In the case of an external white chocolate, black, combined with green, yellow or pink are possible.

There can use these pots into funny decoration, in the kitchen, your child’s room or even your office.

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