Very innovative: Jeans Sofa

In the post about Willow Wood: Weird Chair, Close To Nature that discusses a strange chair made of natural wood. Now comes an innovation that will come in the next month a couch of jeans.

Jeans Sofa
Jeans Sofa

May sound funny, a couch of jeans. What it looks like and whether any good? It may be that there are questions in your mind.

But it is a reality and not a hoax. We all know that the jeans is never outdated, there’s always from the past until now. By sharing models, colors, materials jeans have become part of life. The reason that makes comfortable and trendy jeans are not timeless.

Jeans not only be used as clothing, but could be applied to different things. Jeans can be made pants, jackets, shirts, bags, and the most recent and innovative jeans was applied to the sofa.

Jeans sofa that look unique and innovative, the result of creativity Papillon Designs of Denmark. They tried to create something new from the jeans which will always accompany us.

Jeans Sofa 2
Jeans Sofa 2

Jeans are not only applied on the couch alone, but the pillows were made from jeans. Jeans enthusiasts would have liked this product. Never previously imagined sofa made of jeans and you can get it in next March.

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