Outstanding Unique Willow Wood Weird Chair, Close To Nature Furniture Ideas

Chairs as seats are now experiencing growth. Various designs were created without reducing the sense of comfort and beauty. The chair is created from various materials such as wood, plastic, metal, etc..

Starting from the form of a cute, unique, cool, even though an odd design. As chair of this one, a very strange shape like a stocky body that has a super power.

Made of natural wood sticks were created by Dutch designer in collaboration with the artist Florice Wubben Bauke Fokkema. Looking at this chair, immediately thought of the forest in our minds. These chairs are all from pure natural ingredients.

Willow wood, it has several elements: the branch to support and bar located on the upper branches. If sitting on this chair, we like being in the woods and sat on a stump with a cool atmosphere.If you want to have this chair, do not let one put this chair and integrate with appropriate furniture. Or place it in your garden, would be more appropriate. And enjoy this strange chair in your home.

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