32+ Outstanding & Unusual Outdoor Fireplace Design Inspirations

We curated from many source Outstanding & Unusual Outdoor Fireplace Design Inspirations. Check our collections ideas below. The fireplace is an architectural structure containing the fire to heat and especially for cooking. Fire contained in the furnace firepit or a chimney or flue to direct exhaust gases and particles to escape.

The fireplace is a feature of the household head, as the fire and the crackling sound that entertaining, even when not needed for heat or cooking. Fireplace Mantels is the focus for interior decoration.

Fireplace who normally live in the house for interior decoration such as Lovely Fireplace, but now, Hagen and Zohar presents Outdoor Fireplace. This is not a fireplace, but can be used to play. The spacious with a unique shape makes this a very cozy fireplace.

The designer was inspired by the peat cottage Norway and presents himself as a circular structure made of 80-layered. With a design that is very nice, not too big of a fireplace is located in the middle of this construction that can warm on a cold day.

In addition, you also spend time hanging out with friends, family or your children around this fireplace that will add warmth and will be well protected from the wind. If you want to know more about this wonderful outdoor fireplace visit Hagen and Zohar site.

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