28+ Stylish & Minimalist Modern Table Design Collections for Your Home

Table is one furniture form a flat surface is supported by several feet. Tables are often used to store goods and foods with a certain height for easy reach when seated. Tables are generally paired with a chair. The common table has no drawers, but if he could take the form of drawers dresser, closet desk with many drawers, and so forth. A special table used to work called the desk or bench.

Because it has many functions, the shape of the table vary depending on the function table itself. There are tables that are very large and heavy, and there is also little to nothing to carry around, where the so-called folding table.  

There is a square shape, circles, cubes with shared variations. The material is also shared sorts is made of wood, glass, aluminum, copper, etc..

There is usually a dresser drawer with glass and an attractive decoration, usually a simple office desk, desk, dining table, all different shapes. And the designer has never run out of ideas and works to produce a more beautiful table without leaving quality.

Another case with  A Writting Desk or A Coffee Table?, Karim Rashid to design a new table is unique by exploring the existing material. This excellent table, the top made of MDF painted in polyurethane satin finish. Base in the same time colored acrylic.

This table has two drawers for storage and has two open compartments: for PC and for the printer. A large drawer and a file drawer that is integrated into the top of the table. This table is suitable for home or office. So no need to think long again, put this beautiful table on which you prefer.

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