I think the Pool will nice if using Lighting

As one of the outdoor accessories, especially for the pool, be sure you have to make in such a way to make it look attractive and exotic. Of course a lot of accessories for this purpose, such as lighting. What about the shape and size lamp used? Surely must be chosen that matches the type of lamp.

Nice design lighting for pool
Lighting for outdoor pool

As for the placement of the lights as well, there are two categories, namely, the light used to be placed in the pool and the lights are placed around the pool, such as the walls of the house. Both types are very different light, especially light resistance, respectively.

Pool design with lighting
Good lighting design for pool
Install lighting in pool
How to install light in pool

For lights that are used in the pool, of course, should be chosen lights are waterproof, this is because each lamp of this kind must have better strength than ordinary lighting.

Simple pool with lighting
Good lighting design for pool