Locker for your Family with Simple design

In order for the house clean, especially the nursery, it is necessary that serves prepared a special locker for storing a variety of equipment at their disposal, such as clothes, bags, shoes, hats, jackets, and various other items. It is expected that in the locker room with them, then it will be able to make the room becomes more clean and tidy.

Bedroom for locker
Best locker for bedroom

The shape and size of the locker you want to use also varied, ranging locker made ​​of wood, iron, or simple locker made ​​of fabric. Each locker that you can customize the number of items that may be stored in it.

Locker for children
Natural and simple locker
Interior home with locker for children
Wooden locker for home

What about the location of the storage locker? You can put a single room with a bedroom to make it easier when using it again. Some designers even preparing a special location in the room to put a locker.

Locker for your children
Best and modern locker