What do you think About the outdoor shower?

In some areas, the use of an outdoor shower to be one of the best options to get comfort when bathing. Similarly, the location chosen for the outdoor shower. Some locations that are excellent including the mountain areas. With some quite creative art touch, then an outdoor shower will seem more comfortable and alive.

Good design for outdoor shower
Best outdoor shower

Here we also present some examples to design outdoor bathroom, where most of the use of wood as the main material. But the material here does not need to be fully used, depending on the concept outdoow shower itself. If it gives a lot of comfort, you can use other materials.

Modern outdoor shower
Outdoor shower design
Shower outdoor for home
Modern outdoor shower design

For an area that is used in the outdoor shower, depending on the location available. But usually about the same extent by the existing interior bathroom in the house, where it is just to move the bathroom is out.

Shower outdoor design
Outdoor design shower