Luxurious Folding Bathroom Design

It is often possible for you to see a bathroom with a luxurious design, fine, unique but have you seen a bathroom that can be folded?

Folding Bathroom
Folding Bathroom

The more advanced course development of current technology, up to the bathroom can be folded, curious?

Results from Duravit copyrighted works that give the name of OpenSpace is an innovative shower partition. The bathroom that you can fold when not in use.

A very innovative design allows you to enjoy a shower and when finished, you can fold it with a pair of glass wall panels fold away neatly on the wall, just above your equipment, shower gel and shampoo. The bathroom is very unique with glass walls, there is almost no visually obvious does not occupy any space either, which allows light to spill into every corner of the room.

Folding bathroom is also available in the color-glass mirror. No way it feels when you’re not impressed with this folding bathroom.

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