Planting banana Trees for outdoor Decoration

Banana trees are one of the many benefits of plant types. In addition to the fruit could be taken, the tree is also a bus used as a plant that serves as decoration. There are several variants of banana is used as decoration, as shown in the picture there.

Decoration using tree
Bananas tree for decor

However, most of these plants should be separated from the colony, because otherwise it would continue to grow rapidly. To overcome this, made ​​a separate pot with a large enough size. You can put the pot either outside or inside the room, depending on the size of the plant.

Best bananas tree decor
Good and modern bananas tree
Good bananas tree interior
Artistic design for bananas tree

In addition to its ease of maintenance, these plants do not need watering every day, because of the trunk itself already contains a lot of water to survive. Each type of banana tree will be well taken if the fruit harvest time.

Decoration using bananas tree
I like bananas tree