Super Creative Hanging Garden Ideas For Front Porch: 25 Best Ideas

This causes the area of the park is also reduced because the land is used to optimize the space needed by residents so that the green area of oxygen providers for the home is very limited in number. Seeing this case, one solution that can be taken is to replace the previously horizontal garden concept into a vertical or hanging plant. Harmony can be achieved by making simple choices. Plants and shapes, colors, and the fragrance is a beauty that will not be outdated. Thanks to your home plants will be fun, the routine will not be boring, and the more real affection.

How to put the plant is certainly to consider which part of the place that allows being installed later. Adjustment of garden style with a home theme is also very important in order to get a perfect atmosphere. You can choose a modern style, traditional, tropical or other styles and definitely the style selection is in harmony with your home style. Sun lighting and regular watering are also needed so that the plant will not wither in your minimalist hanging gardens, especially if your garden spot is inside the house.

If there is no more land in the yard, the walls of the house can be utilized as a vertical garden. The following reviews will inspire you to create a simple vertical garden design that is eligible for you to imitate.

You can make the pots more variety or can make a hanging pot model. There is little advantage by making the hanging pot that is, the plants can be placed in the garden or inside the house

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