Marvelous Home Porch Design Ideas For Inspiration You to Be Amazed (10 Best Pictures)

The use of terraces in the world of architecture has existed for thousands of years and can be found in architectural styles in almost all parts of the world. The terrace is a half-open space that is usually the boundary of the entrance of a building. There are those that make the terrace a compliment, but there are also terrace designs that have more functions than just completing the building.

The design of the best front porch has a few things in common: the compatibility of the architecture, functions and overall appeal. Mary and I call it harmonious, that is, matching your terrace architecture with the architecture of your home. Your patio design must blend seamlessly with the style and feel of your home rather than look like an add-on. Terrace functionality must be an integral part of the design too.

Home Porch Design Ideas

The porch is the most conventional terrace house design. Usually only called a terrace. The porch design of the porch is the terrace design of the house which is closest to the traditional terraces of Indonesian architecture such as those in the Betawi houses or limas houses.

Home Porch Design
Home Porch Design – Source:
Home Porch Design Ideas
Home Porch Design Ideas – Source:

Patio Ideas With Deck Design

A spacious wooden deck can also be used as an outdoor room both as a family room and recreation area. Home terrace designs like this are also often found in villa or resort residences.

Patio Ideas With Deck Design
Patio Ideas With Deck Design – Source:
Wood Patio Ideas With Deck
Wood Patio Ideas With Deck – Source:

Modern Home Patio Design

A patio is another alternative to the deck for those of you who want an open terrace design without a cover. What distinguishes the patio design from the deck is the level of the patio that is parallel to the surface of the ground and uses Pavement both natural stone, concrete, and light brick as the base.

Modern Home Patio Ideas
Modern Home Patio Ideas – Source:
Modern Home Patio Idea
Home Porch Design – Source:

Home Patio Ideas With Balcony

Although the balcony is clearly different from the terrace, the balcony and terrace are similar. Besides being attached to the main building, these two elements can be complementary or have additional functions in the building. The only difference is that the balcony is generally not on the ground floor.

Home Patio Ideas With Balcony
Home Patio ideas With Balcony Design – Source:
Home Patio Ideas With Balcony Design
Home Patio ideas With Balcony – Source:

Portico Home Patio Design

The porch designs of portico houses are popular in European countries, especially Italy. The porch design of the house, also called the porch, is a space before entering the entrance of a building with a relatively large and tall pole or column. Such concepts are found in ancient Greek architecture in temples and imperial buildings.

Portico Home Patio Ideas
Portico Home Patio Ideas – Source:
Portico Home Patio Design
Portico Home Patio Design – Source:

No matter the size, each terrace can provide protection from the weather, space to relax or maybe just a shelf to store packages when you unlock the front door.


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