12 Minimalist Balcony Design You Need To Try For Your Home

A balcony is one part of the house that is owned if your house is two stories high. But sometimes the balcony is often forgotten. In fact, this place can be transformed into a comfortable spot. Besides being able to relax, you can also do various activities here, such as reading books, dinner, and receiving guests.

A balcony is one area for finding inspiration or just having a casual chat with family or friends. No matter how big the size of the balcony, as long as you can add the right decoration to the balcony, you don’t have to go all the way to the cafe to get quality casual time.

Creating a new and comfortable atmosphere on the balcony of your home or apartment is not too easy and not too difficult, you can apply some designs and nuances from some of the following decorating ideas.

Minimalist Balcony Design

For those of you who want to have a balcony without a lot of furniture or decorations, you can apply this minimalist design. Minimalist design that is generally dominated by black, gray and white, making the balcony look more spacious and elegant.

Minimalist Balcony Design
Minimalist Balcony Design – Source: 954bartend.info
Minimalist Balcony Ideas
Minimalist Balcony ideas – Source: Blog.jelanieshop.com

Balcony Shades of Beach Design

This beach atmosphere can be applied on a small balcony with a hammock, folding wooden chairs and some decorative pillows. Another alternative is to replace the hammock with a chairlift. If the balcony has no ceiling, a swing chair that hangs on a chair post can be used.

Beach Balcony Design Ideas
Beach Balcony Design Ideas – Source: Api.houzz.com
Beach Balcony Ideas
Beach Balcony Ideas – Source: Decoor.net

White Ivory Balcony Boho

Boho-style ivory white can make the balcony look wider and also help to light from outside the balcony. Decorate the balcony with a sofa bed and brightly colored fur rugs like ivory or beige. Don’t forget to decorate with room decor like a macrame.

This decoration is suitable for balconies that have no ceilings.

White Ivory Balcony Design
White Ivory Balcony Design Ideas – Source: Glamphotomix.com
White Ivory Balcony Design Ideas
White Ivory Balcony Design – Source: Dwellingdecor.com

Hippie Balcony Design Ideas

Generally, the balcony is outdoors and not closed, so you can use vinyl floors with various motifs as a base from the balcony. This is the right alternative if you do not want to use a rug or cloth mat. On the walls of the balcony, decorate with the presence of your favorite wall decoration.

Hippie Balcony Design Ideas
Hippie Balcony Design Ideas – Source: Architectureartdesigns.com
Hippie Balcony Ideas
Hippie Balcony Ideas – Source: Gypsyyaya.com

Rustic Balcony Design Ideas

Your house is in the middle of the city or in a housing that has a modern nuance, but wants to feel the feel of the village? How easy! Decorate the balcony floor with a combination of white and gray. Do not forget to decorate the edges of the balcony with several flower pots or plants for a beautiful impression.

Rustic Balcony Design Ideas
Rustic Balcony Design Ideas – Source: Dewdirectory.com
Rustic Balcony Ideas
Rustic Balcony Ideas – Source: Bahayofw.com

Scandinavian Balcony Design

Add a soft sofa or bean bag, it is recommended to buy a bean bag that is easy to carry into the house so it can be included in the rain. Add a small folding table that can be used anywhere, just right to accompany the relaxed atmosphere of the afternoon while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.

Scandinavian Balcony Design Ideas
Scandinavian Balcony Design Ideas – Source: Sortra.com
Scandinavian Balcony Ideas
Scandinavian Balcony Ideas

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