Main Characteristics of Chinoiserie Design Style Not Many People Know

Chinoiserie Design Style is one of the ethnic themes that has existed since the 18th century in Europe. But make no mistake, this concept actually has a different or even contradictory appearance to the architectural designs that already existed in Europe before.

Chinoiserie can be said to be one of the art styles in Europe that has a strong influence from the Chinese art style. Yupp, this design theme is a European interpretation of China in an artistic, decorative, and artistic way.

The term “chinoiserie” was used to describe a fantasy European vision of China and the far East. You could say that Chinoiserie is a fusion of Asian motifs and European sophistication which translates as a whimsical, elegant and theatrical style. Its existence is considered to be one of the most timeless and fantastic decorative styles in interior design.

As a style, the chinoiserie is also related to the Rococo style. Both styles are characterized by having a festive decor, asymmetry, a focus on materials, and a nature and subject style style that focuses on leisure and fun. Chinoiserie also focuses on subjects considered by colonial-era Europeans to be hallmarks of Chinese culture.

But until now many people who may be unfamiliar with the Chinoiserie design style. This is because maybe some of them only know that European architecture is synonymous with European-style empires, while Chinese architecture can only be found in their country, namely mainland China.

For that, here our role is to help you understand what Chinoiserie Design Style is and what are the characteristics of that design style. For that, just take a peek at the following review.

Main Characteristics of Chinoiserie Design Style Not Many People Know

Chinoiserie is present in the midst of confusion between having to keep applying the classic style or switching to a more contemporary Renaissance style. For this reason, the type of interior can be said to be a bit complicated. Because the Chinoiserie style itself is an interior design that combines several accents and characteristics from several countries in Asia such as China, Japan and accents in other Asian countries.

One of the characteristics can be seen from the use of bright red elements which are more neutral oxblood red accents. But it also allows other bright colors to enter into it. Colors such as blue and white are the typical colors of Chinese porcelain or ceramics.

Next is the motif used with a thick nuance of elements of China and other Asian countries. Such as dragons, pagodas and ornaments with nuances typical of China, bamboo plants with the addition of Japanese Sakura flowers, or motifs around nature such as clouds, birds, peacocks, creepers, or peach trees. You can find these motifs in decorations such as wallpapers, paintings, porcelain or other home furnishings.

Well, that might be a little bit about the Chinoiserie Design Style. Hope it inspires.

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