A Stunning Castle In The Southern Italy

Seeing the picture below makes us remember the tales or an old building antiquity. This building looks old and mysterious. It is a Castle, called Trullihusen designed to Angelo and Tina Horstedt Morten from Denmark. This Castle was designed because they want to choose where to go for a weekend or holiday so that should not be too far from Denmark.

Castle is situated in a village in Southern Italy, Apuglia. The house looks like a castle of the Middle Ages; its area is 300 square meters. White stone in harmony with the furniture looks very modern, curved window like in the old palace. If you are in, there is a sense of adventure. And the architect managed to combine the architectural style of old and very old trees in the yard with modern furnishings and swimming pool.

This Castle in Italy look stunning and awesome, their design very unique and many of this castle build in the beach or mountain, that’s make this Castle very classic and unique. We also got some interior update about this castle. Check our collections below.

Well, do you also want to spend a holiday and rest in a castle? All the decision is yours.

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