I like Modern Gazebo design

Some homes have a pool and still no land left, then usually they will make the gazebo near the pool. But before making the gazebo, it is better to follow some guidelines on how to make wooden matches , both in terms of gazebo design, gazebo location, size of the gazebo, and a few other things so that later can provide comfort for homeowners.

Modern Gazebo for pool.
Wooden for gazebo

Free make gazebo, especially those located close to the pool is not too difficult. The design of existing gazebo design near the pool, more usually used for a place to rest, after a swim. But there are some people who make the gazebo near the pool merely used as a complement because of the remaining land and want to be optimally utilized, especially for the gazebo.

Simple Gazebo design for Garden
Gazebo for garden

Meanwhile, if you are interested in the concept of modern -style gazebo, there are some exceptions, such as the use of materials, models gazebo, and the gazebo function. These differences can be overcome by replacing some of the materials for this purpose.

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