The concept and Design for bedroom canopy

In today’s modern era, is the use of a canopy bed is quite rare. But for those of you who have anti- mainstream tastes with everything that smells of home minimalist, bedroom design concept with this canopy can be an attractive option for interior. Luxurious bedroom canopy surrounded probably used to seeing in the movies colossal relic, which show off the luxury bedroom of the king or the officials and the rich. Filled with exotic carvings as well as markers of a different class.

Bedroom canopy design
Best and natural canopy

Of course, the current development of bedroom canopy design that uses canopy was usually not separated from the touch of the contemporary interior design, although meager portion. As you can see above, a bedroom design that uses a solid canopy, with a contemporary aura that is quite thick in some sides. The window is made larger to facilitate the entry of light into all corners of the room to break through without hindrance.

One room in the design, also shows the use of a canopy, combined with the texture of non – mainstream. Of course presents a different atmosphere, but still feels luxurious. Do not always have the curtain and canopy encircling the bed, or a large tassel, you can use a simple concept as above to enjoy a quiet evening and resting comfortably in your room unique. Design bedroom canopy with luxury above shows, as well as comfort wrapped in a neat concept. You like it right?

Another bonus for you. The design bedroom canopy is intended for a teenager’s room that has a metal frame with a model of smooth curves and sharp angles. Although it looks quite beautiful open already, you can add a curtain for added comfort.

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