How to keep your Garden green

Having a small garden in the yard of the house with various kinds of plants in it was so exciting. Fresh clean air will spin at any time. In addition, the house will look beautiful with plants neatly arranged. But unfortunately for the condition, at this time, as it is very rare pleasure felt in major cities.

Best method to keep green your garden
Keep your gardening green

Some city is already crowded with a lot of tall buildings. So little green land remains arable crops. Spacious yard is a luxury. While the yard is narrow and not green is common we find. Yard narrower due to the rapid physical development, such as office buildings and housing, in town. At the same land the house is built, demolished, constructed, and dismantled. And there appeared no green soil resulting from the mixing of soil with the city, the remnants of the cement. Of course this is difficult ground such as planted.

Damaged soil is a condition in which the soil has little nutrient content and difficult to cultivate because its properties do not match the needs of the plant. On soil conditions like this, we might be able to cultivate. But of course with one condition, that is an improvement on the ground. Plants that can be grown on such soils are vegetable crops, such as peppers, tomatoes, and spinach.

Repairs on damaged land can be done by restoring the original properties of the soil, which has a lot of nutrients and crumbly. Soil with a lot of debris to make sure the ground hard. The initial steps that can be taken is to destroy the debris and adding new soil to the plant roots can enter.

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