Modern Kitchen Lighting Tips

The idea of ​​lighting the kitchen ceiling. The light source can be of natural light through a window or from a build up of electric lights. The role of the electric light becomes important when there is not enough natural light is provided in the kitchen. The ceiling is the one medium that can accommodate the installation of a Modern Kitchen Lighting system. The lights in the kitchen ceiling will provide general lighting in the kitchen.

Kitchen lamp ceiling design
How to choose lighting ceiling for kitchen

Installing lights in the kitchen ceiling, we must first analyze the room size and ceiling height kitchen. This is to determine the number and types of ceiling lights that will be used , so it will not be too bright or too dim. Kitchen wall colors and materials used for the furniture also gives effect to the brightness in the kitchen. Materials bright and shiny kitchen will add brightness to reduce the use of ceiling lights.

After that, we can determine the position of the lights for the kitchen ceiling lights. We need to make sure that the ceiling lights will cover the entire area in the kitchen without leaving a dim as a function of the ceiling as general light in the kitchen. Besides, we also have to consider not only function, but also the aesthetic factor in choosing ceiling lights for our kitchen.

If there is a kitchen or dining table in the middle of the kitchen, we can install some lights hanging just above the kitchen island or dining table as task lighting. Quantity is often chosen for these types of applications is a three pendant lights. Mixture of kitchen ceiling light white and yellow is perfect for bringing a warm atmosphere in the kitchen.

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