How to Maintenance Your Fireplace To Prepare Winter

Maintenance your fireplace at home is one way you can avoid damaging your system. The fireplace will be very useful when winter comes. However, you must periodically carry out maintenance of the fireplace, especially if you are about to enter winter. So that when winter comes, the fireplace can work as it should.

Benefits of a fireplace for your home

The fireplace is very useful for creating warmth in a house when the weather is cold. This will usually be widely applied to the living room as the most comfortable place to chat with your family.

Maintenance Your Fireplace To Prepare Winter
Maintenance Your Fireplace To Prepare Winter from hoomdecoration

The fireplace is an integral part of the interior of the house that cannot be separated even in increasingly modern times like today. In the past, fireplaces used a conventional system, namely by using wood to create fire. Meanwhile, nowadays, in an increasingly sophisticated era, fireplaces also use modern systems that are already using wood to create fire.

Modern fireplaces usually use electricity or gas. This means that modern removal of wood is actually quite difficult when you first turn it on. In contrast to electric fireplaces, electric fireplaces take power from electricity while gas from LPG and natural gas.

The design of this type of fireplace is usually minimalist in shape and also has a lid to block out excess smoke and heat when in use. When viewed in terms of beauty and ease of installation, this type of fireplace is definitely the most recommended. Because you only need to make the electricity network so that it can turn on.

So, how do you take care of the fireplace so that it stays durable in your home, whether it’s a conventional fireplace or a modern fireplace?
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Here are the steps you can take.

How to Maintenance Your Fireplace To Prepare Winter

Conventional Fireplace Maintain

Beautiful Wood Burning Fireplace Designs
Beautiful Wood Burning Fireplace Designs from housely

Fireplaces provide warmth and comfort to people and are considered a part of the interior of the house. In order to maintain the normal use and service life of the fireplace, it is necessary to keep in mind the points of cleaning and maintaining the fireplace.

Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips:

  1. Wipe the brass handles and metal objects around the door to keep them clean and tidy.
  2. Leave the door open for ventilation. Avoid continuous burning for more than 5 hours.
  3. To prevent ashes from jumping onto the carpet, close the fireplace door. Place a non-combustible blanket in front of the fireplace. This is to prevent flames from spreading on the carpet or hardwood floors.
  4. Do not leave a fire burning when no one is home, especially when there are only children playing.
  5. Use a chimney cover to avoid the entry of animal nests, rain or debris, and to avoid damaging the chimney.
  6. Clean the stove with a soft brush, at least once a month. Avoid cleaning immediately after burning and regularly remove excess ash and unburned wood.

By doing regular maintenance, you can ensure that the performance of the fireplace is at its best. In addition, it is wise to clean the fireplace regularly.

Modern Fireplace Maintain

Best Modern Fireplace Designs And Ideas
Best Modern Fireplace Designs And Ideas from homebnc

Modern fireplaces actually don’t require much maintenance like conventional fireplaces. You just need to keep the electricity flow stable, there are no cable leaks, and keep it plugged in properly. More than that, you also have to clean the fireplace glass box regularly so that there is no dust that sticks too thickly. That way, the electric fireplace will be able to function normally and last a long time.

Hopefully, it can be useful for you.

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