How to Apply Chinoiserie Styles in the Bedroom For a Festive Look

Chinoiserie Styles in the Bedroom is one of the classic ethnic themes that has existed in Europe since the 18th century. This design can be said to be different from other European architecture. Due to the strong influence of the Chinese art style. Chinoiserie Concepts is a European interpretation of China, artistically, and decoratively.

How To Apply Chinoiserie Concepts In The Bedroom For A Festive Look
How To Apply Chinoiserie Concepts In The Bedroom For A Festive Look

The term “chinoiserie” itself is used to describe a fantasy European vision of China and other Eastern countries. He was present in the midst of confusion between having to keep applying the classical style or switching to a more contemporary Renaissance style. For that, the interior type of the Chinoiserie can be said to be a little complicated. Because it is an interior design that combines several accents and characteristics from several countries in Asia such as China, Japan, and accents in other Asian countries.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many people think that Chinoiserie is a blend of Asian motifs and European sophistication which is translated as a strange, elegant and theatrical style. Its existence is considered one of the most timeless and fantastic decorative styles in interior design.

Well, this one design will look fantastic if applied to one of the rooms in the house. One of them is the bedroom. For that, it doesn’t hurt you for you to read our reviews to the end so you are know-how. Let’s see right away about Chinoiserie Concepts in the Bedroom.

Bright Color Scheme

The first thing you need to think about is the color scheme for your bedroom. Because here you use the Chinoiserie theme, usually bright red elements which are more neutral are one of the colors that are characteristic of Chinese culture. Not only red, other bright colors such as blue and white which are typical colors of porcelain or Chinese ceramics you can also use in your bedroom arrangement.

Typical Motifs Full of Ornaments and Element

The motif is one of the important elements that always exist in Chinoiserie design. Therefore, it will be tasteless if you just leave your room plain without a motive. For that, you can use a motif that is thick with the nuances of elements of China and other Asian countries. Such as dragons, pagodas, and ornaments with distinctive Chinese nuances, bamboo plants with the addition of Japanese Sakura flowers, or motifs around nature such as clouds, birds, peacocks, vines, or peach trees. You can find these motifs in typical Chinoiserie furniture, interiors, and decorations such as wallpapers, paintings, porcelain, or other household furniture.

Distinctive Decorations and Accessories

The choice of bird-patterned wallpaper and typical Chinese ceramic accessories makes it seem like it will make this Chinoiserie-style bedroom feel even more thick. To give the impression of a calm and elegant bedroom feel, you can add some combinations of red accents on antique plates and paintings to decorate your bedroom.

For furniture selection, you can choose a semi-classical style and a light brown finishing color to give a warm impression of the room. Bird motifs like the wallpaper will bring a classic and shady impression. Chinoiserie style is further emphasized with the addition of a mirror with an antique silver finish.

Hopefully, this article may inspire you.

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