15 Unique & Eye-catching Egg Shaped Chair for Your Dream Home

Egg is a food that is rich in protein and much-loved. Besides being used as side dishes, eggs are also widely used in the art world. Eggs consist of 4 layers, egg shell, membrane inside, meat or egg white and yolk. The outer skin or shell eggs are often thrown away.

But for people who are creative, shell eggs can be a valuable work of art, for example, made paintings, pottery, wall hangings, artificial flowers, and much more. Karim Rashid, a creative designer who created a chair that was inspired from the egg. This chair comes with bright colors, so it is suitable to use anything, good for living room furniture, room decor or for your children.

This Chair is really unique and like Eggs, but look stunning and amazing. We love the Egg Shaped Chair by Karim Rashid. Do you like this collections? We hope so..

Like the Sexy Lounge Chairs, this chair is perfect for your quiet after a day full of work and want to relax. Get it and take this chair in your home.

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