19 Unique and Fantastic Staircase Design Inspirations

Home is the place to shelter from heat, cold, rain, and accommodation together with family. Because of the diverse functions, the house was built in such a way as to obtain the ideal home. The model house was too diverse, there is a modern, unique, minimalist, traditional, etc.. There was a house built high rise, there is one floor, two floors, even four or more floors.

For homes with more than 1 floor, to connect between floors usually use the staircase. This staircase was also have a variety of models and materials. There are made of wood, concrete, stone, or iron. The form is common and some unique.

As these staircase, curved shape is very unique and look odd. If these steps were observed as meandering and changes shape, as if making a headache if passed. These stairs digital entirely made using just-cut set of complex but highly-detailed flat-pack elements, CNC-carved pieces of MDF, the engraving depth to further divide the strands into the more subtle structural alignment, producing the perfect elements slot together like a jigsaw architecture.

Whether you will make the staircase a house like this? it’s your choice.

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