Exceptional Faucet Designs From 3D Printing

A modern faucet design by DXV American Standard. This faucet made of metal is very elegant, this faucet is amazing because of its unique shape, the faucet is not too important parts in the house, but the modern faucets that can create the look of your kitchen become more modern.

A visionary American said that the water coming out of a faucet made in DXV American Standard is very smooth and does not hurt your hands, the way you will feel comfortable when washing kitchen utensils or just wash your hands.

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If we look at a glance, we can be confused with water flowing out of nowhere, the article faucet water lines do not appear clearly, so that it can make us a little confused, this is one of the advantages of 3D printing faucet design. This design is made specifically to display a more modern kitchen.

The design team used a technique Fluid Dynamic (CFD), a computing technology that is used to produce a gentle flow of water from the faucet. For those of you who are interested to have a faucet design that is modern and elegant, The price of a set of faucet is estimated at $ 12,000 – $ 20,000

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